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Did you know that there are 700 million dogs in this world, and of those 700 billion dogs, almost 75% of the dogs will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives.

A lack of comfortable and sound sleep can lead to many types of not only physical but also mental health problems for dogs. During most of the times, a better night’s rest and sleep can solve almost any kind of mental health problem in dogs.

If we started paying more attention to the sleeping problems of our dogs and started addressing them then we could take care of most of their anxiety and depression. An anti-Anxiety Dog bed, or a Calming bed for short is a sort of relaxing ground for your fur buddies.

Therapists have known these concepts since a long time, having used them to calm and ease anxiety for decades.  The round donut shape of the bed helps support better sleep, especially for dogs who like to curl up. The Calming beds have a raised rim, providing a sense of security to the pup. 

The soft beds provide relief from back, shoulder and muscle pain while also providing head and neck support. When choosing an anti-anxiety bed it is important to get a good quality one, which has plenty of support for your dogs.

It Is also important to find one which has removable covers so that they can be washed when needed without destroying the filling and the structure of the bed.



One of the most difficult things about our relationships with our dogs is that it is difficult for them to communicate with us if something is going on with them. That is why, there are some signs of the dogs which display anxiety that dog owners need to be mindful about. In anticipation of future dangers from unknown or imagined sources, anxiety develops and is associated with fear.

When left alone, your pup might exhibit excessive anxiety or distress behaviour. It is commonly seen that at the onset of sexual maturity of the puppy, there is development of most fears, anxieties and phobias.

This usually occurs at 12 to 36 months of age and rarely at 8 to 10 months. Even during old age they might exhibit anxiety which is called old age onset separation anxiety.

Serotonin is released in the brain when given a hug or held by a loved one. An anti anxiety dog bed is a unique form of therapy which stimulates this feeling and it efficiently calms your anxious puppy by this method.

Even though There isn’t any exact science to the anti-anxiety beds, but the anecdotal feedback from dog owners say their dogs love them. Treating anxious dogs can be challenging, and the safest and most natural way to do so is by investing in a Calming Bed for your fur kid.

There are many different ways to relieve a frightful dog of it’s anxiety such as swaddling, using a calming bed, distractions, medications and behavioural training.

Some people think that their dog is doing all these behaviours on purpose and is just being naughty.

What Stressed dogs really need is a patient and dedicated caretaker who is willing to go the extra mile to find the right combination of remedies to help them.


Earlier the anxiety gets identified in a dog, greater is the success to treat it. Because when any behaviour gets repeated over and over again for a long time, it gets hard wired in the brain and is that much more difficult to remove.

It is important to not ignore the subtle behavioural changes and dismiss them as normal. For example, not eating could not only mean that the dog is full or has an upset stomach, it could also signal towards anxiety.

Some of the general signs to look out for include screaming, howling or barking when the owner is not at home, Spoiling and destroying all furniture, panting and pacing around even when it is not hot, digging soil, more frequent urinations, refusing to eat, shivering, restless, diarrhea, tail tucked, and hiding.

The more subtle signs of anxiety include looking away, constant licking of lips and lifting of paws. The condition of a mildly anxious dog can eventually worsen without treatment and it’s behaviour can take a turn for the worse to an extent of self harm or even running away from home.

Anxiety in dogs can be caused due to any illness, painful disease, aging, previously occurred fearful incident, phobias, frightening external stimuli such as thundering and fireworks. Another form of anxiety, called separation anxiety can occur in dogs who have had abandonment incidents, multiple owners, deprived social interaction, or prior neglect.

If your dog is displaying any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms, it is very likely that it is anxious.

A Calming bed can remove this anxiety from the dog by providing it a  reassuring, homely atmosphere where it can feel safe and secure.


Puppies start their lives by being blind and deaf, guided by their mother and a littler of siblings, hence everything around them is soft, warm, fluffy and comforting.

By being a source of the same feeling that they felt during infancy, Calming beds become an anxious dog’s best friends – after their owners, ofcourse.

They are a drug free natural remedy to reduce stress from separation, thunderstorms, travels, loneliness and vet visits. The soft material used in the anti anxiety beds mimics the mother’s fur, reducing the triggers of vulnerability and creating a sense of safety.

This reduces stress on their minds and calms down their little hearts. The supporting raised rims help in easing pain, correcting posture, supporting their neck and spine for the entire length of their sleep.

For most dogs, having something to snuggle into makes them relax and happy. It soothes their joint pains. A calming bed is especially useful for older dogs with arthritis as it is extremely gentle on their bodies. An anti anxiety bed helps give the dog a deep and peaceful sleep such that all it’s muscles are rejuvenated for a new day of fun and play.

There are specialized calming beds with hoods that make a great hiding spot for anxious pups.

Hence, a calming bed is extremely beneficial to have for dog owners to give their fur babies a wonderful night’s sleep and a safe haven, which always keeps them happy, healthy and playful.